This facilities will assist you to link to some online recources which might be useful for your study. Just click the following links:

1. Online book  : You can download e-books here.

2. EFL Journal Articles : You can download Journal Articles on English Language Teaching here

3. Teaching Tips : You can download diverses teaching tips here.

4. APA Formating Styles: You can get information on how to use APA formating styles in the academic writing here.

5. Academic Vocabularies: You can learn lists of academic vocabularies for academic writing here.

6. Funny English : You can read some funny stories in English here.

7. ESL Flow: You can download many valuable teaching materials here.

8. ESL gold: You can find a lot of ESL materials for teaching here.

9. Debate database : Debate resources for you

10. Essay collections : You can learn hundred of essays here.

11. IELTS test

12. The Jakarta Post

13. Journal papers : Please click here to find some journal articles