Endro Dwi Hatmanto


Do you sometimes find it difficult to find a research title for your research writing? Don’t be confused. Titles can be found in our daily teaching and learning process. It can stem from problems in teaching, learning, curriculum, motivation etc. Here are the examples of some research titles:


  1. Students’ efforts in studying English at PBI UMY
  2. Students’ efforts in improving the speaking skills at PBI UMY
  3. Students’ effort in improving the writing skills at PBI UMY
  4. Students’ effort in improving the computer skills at PBI UMY
  5. Obstacles facing students in studying at PBI UMY
  6. Obstacles facing lecturers in teaching using KBK at PBI UMY
  7. Obstacles facing students in learning using KBK at PBI UMY
  8. Teaching methods used by lecturers at PBI UMY
  9. Profiles of professional English teachers: PBI students’ perspective
  10. Profiles of a good student: PBI students’ perspective
  11. Profiles of internet use among students of PBI UMY
  12. Profiles of KBK at PBI UMY
  13. Profiles of PBI UMY’s students’ visit in library of UMY
  14. Efforts to develop professionalism among lecturers at PBI UMY
  15. Efforts to develop professionalism among teachers at SMP/SD…………………
  16. Teaching methods used by students of PBI UMY to teach at elementary school