Endro Dwi Hatmanto, S.Pd, MA

Noun phrase atau frase kata benda adalah kelompok kata benda yang membentuk satu kesatuan kata benda. Contoh dalam kalimat “Some students in this group perform good results”, frase kata bendanya adalah “Some students in this group” yang berkedudukan sebagai subyek kalimat.

Bagi mahasiswa Indonesia, mengidentifikasi dan mengartikan frase kata benda ini merupakan salah satu kesukaran utama dalam memahami teks Bahasa Inggris. Pembahasan kali ini akan memaparkan cara pembentukan frase kata benda dan latihan menerjemahkan frase kata benda serta memahami teks yang mengandung frase kata benda.


Frase kata benda dapat dibentuk dengan menambahkan kata benda utama dengan kata-kata lain. Contoh, a good university (sebuah universitas yang baik); observable facts (fakta-fakta yang dapat diamati); our better condition (kondisi yang lebih baik); some reading books (beberapa buku bacaan); the changing color of the sea (warna air laut yang selalu berubah-ubah); the forgotten facts in history (fakta-fakta yang terlupakan dalam sejarah); the motivation for learning (motivasi untuk belajar); the man standing outside (orang laki-laki yang berdiri di luar itu); things made in Japan (barang-barang yang dibuat di Jepang); a few books to read (beberapa buku untuk dibaca); the topic which we will discuss (topik yang akan kita diskusikan). Kata-kata utama dari frase kata benda di atas adalah yang digarisbawah.


  1. The smell of the drinks
  2. The still of the night
  3. A psychological approach to the problem
  4. Other living things on earth
  5. Microbes too small to see
  6. Fertile land forming the main food supplier
  7. Wild plants growing in the forests
  8. A musical composition consisting of eight movements
  9. A few contagious diseases caused by virus
  10. The will to develop
  11. His new ideas stated in the meeting
  12. The effects of low standard of living conditions
  13. The government’s attempts to improve socio-economic condition of the people
  14. The careless wasting of our natural resources
  15. More serious attention to the prevention of this irresponsible practice

LATIHAN: Perhatikan penggunaan frase kata benda dalam bacaan berikut ini. Lingkarilah kata utama dari frase kata benda yang digarisbawahi, kemudian artikan sesuai dengan konteksnya.

Yudhoyono to involve allies in reshuffle

Nani Afrida, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Wed, 09/21/2011 7:00 AM

In spite of the declining trust in political parties and ministers, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will still involve coalition partners in the planned Cabinet shake-up, which is scheduled for next month.

“The political parties will be involved at the right time, and the political parties will understand that the success of the government will be the political parties’ success,” Presidential aide for political communication Daniel Sparingga said on Tuesday.

Rumors of a Cabinet reshuffle have been rife, especially after a report released last year by the Presidential Work Unit for Development Monitoring and Control (UKP4) showed a declined performance of several ministers.

The Palace has been lukewarm in responding to the issue amid the intense political maneuvers from the House of Representatives.

The House’s inquiry into the Bank Century bailout in 2009, during the first year of Yudhoyono’s second term, focusing on then finance minister Sri Mulyani and Vice President Boediono.

Sri Mulyani then took a managing director post at the World Bank, which many saw was a way to save her from the potential legal consequences of the case.

In sharp twists at the House that pit the Democratic Party against its coalition partners, the reshuffle issue continued to emerge as ministerial posts were seen as the glue that kept the government coalition intact. In fact, 20 of 37 current ministers are from political parties while the remainder come from other professions.

The tables have turned against political parties recently with corruption scandals involving state projects that were allegedly concerted by lawmakers and government officials.

Daniel leaked information last week that the President would change his ministerial line-up on the first day of the third year of his second term, which will fall on Oct. 20.

The plan arose after several ministers became shrouded in corruption allegations. The Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) said that public approval ratings for Yudhoyono’s current Cabinet performance dropped significantly to 37.7 percent this month, compared to 52.3 percent in January 2010.

Yudhoyono confirmed the upcoming reshuffle plan on Tuesday.

“Just wait [for more information], please,” he said at the Presidential Palace in Central Jakarta.

Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) political expert Siti Zuhro said the President should take bold action in a reshuffle plan, without considering his coalition partners.

She said the President could swap the ministers, currently dominated by politicians, with professionals or experts.

“The Cabinet composition could be designed to be 70 percent experts and 30 percent politicians. The Cabinet would do better with that composition,” she said.

Ikrar Nusa Bakti, another LIPI researcher, said with the least amount of courage the President could replace ministers with figures from the same political parties. “It depends on his skill and his ability to take risks,” he said.

Democratic Party deputy secretary-general Saan Mustopa said his party would await further development before responding to the reshuffle plan. The party has also yet to discuss the agenda with other political parties in the coalition.

“The government has been running for two years. The President has many records to consider.” (rpt)