TV for Children

Is TV good for children? It is not very wise to judge good or bad. Instead some TV programs have proved to be both positive and negative to children.

All programs on TV are basically designed to entertained and give some information to people. In fact, it is agreed that watching TV has been one of daily activities for adults and children. They help them realize and get to know about different news or information. They also make them laugh because they are amusing. Many different programs have been to serve children good lessons through cartoon films, games, music, sport, and local film series for children. For the purpose of giving information and entertainment, TV stations serve different programs such as music, talk show, reports, news,  and films to adult people.

Some programs, however, are sometimes about the exhibition of violence, sarcasm, crimes, murder, etc. Although they are expected to give a lesson or information to people for not doing so, they may also teach them, including children, to do so.

Whatever the programs, two consequences will be the results, namely positive and negative influence. Therefore, parents have to accompany their children in watching some programs on TV, and never let them watch TV too much.



1. What is the the genre of the above text?

2. What is the generic structure of teh text?

3. What does the first paragraph function?

4. What information does the second paragraph contain?

5. What information does the third paragraph contain?

6. What does the last paragraph function?

7. What kinds of tenses can you find in the text?


Think of the controversial issues:

>> banning smoking in the public place

>> corporal punishment at school (hitting student)

>> single parents

>> polygamy

>> sex education at school

>> English as the second language in Indonesia

Make two groups to debate these issues, face to face ! Before debating, let each group to discuss (one group should be pro and the other should be cont !


Analyze the sentences in the text ! (can be trigerred by the lecturer). Competition can be made in this activity !