The following is the information on our subject, “Basic Reading and Writing”:

The scope of learning of this subject includes:

—Sentence Reading and Writing
—Paragraph Reading and Writing
—Composition Reading and Writing
—Paper Reading and Writing
—Reading Skills

We are going to use some activities such as;

—Student Centered Learning
—Lecturers as Facilitator
—Students active in the class and out of the class
—Task based learning
—Group and individual work

As our class uses KBK system the learning process follows these schemes:

—Lecturers open the class and give a scenario or problem.
—Students discuss the problem and find the solution.
—Student do a library research to the libraries, Self Access Center, or American Corners.
—Students present the research result in the class.
—Students make some examples by writing some texts.
When it comes to the assessment and evaluation, the following information will give you the clues:
—No Mid-semester Test
—No Final Test
—Portfolio Assessment System
—Hard Skills
—Soft Skills
—Remedial Learning System

The practicum will require you to:

—Make a wall paper in the end of the semester.