The following is the information on our subject “Academic Reading and Writing:

The scopes of this subject:

—Sentence Reading and Writing
—Paragraph Reading and Writing
—Composition Reading and Writing
—Paper Reading and Writing
—Reading Skills

Classroom activities:

—Student Centered Learning
—Lecturers as Facilitator
—Students active in the class and out of the class
—Task based learning
—Group and individual work
Learning process:
—Lecturers open the class and give a scenario or problem.
—Students discuss the problem and find the solution.
—Student do a library research to the libraries, Self Access Center, or American Corners.
—Students read some text and write similar text.
—Students write some texts in group and individually.
Assessment and evaluation:
No Mid-semester Test
—No Final Test
—Portfolio Assessment System
—Hard Skills
—Soft Skills
—Remedial Learning System
Make a mini thesis in the end of the semester