Allah hears the conversations of us. As we spend time together and speak with one another, Allah cares about our conversations and wants them to bless and enrich the lives of those who participate. Unfortunately, our conversations are overtime darkened by ungodly chatting, gossip, cynicism in our social life and indecent messages in the WhatsApp, facebook and Twitter.  

Allah actually wants us to build each other up with the words we use. He wants us to use positive, constructing, encouraging and decent words when we speak to each other. It’s why Allah in Surah Al Ashr asks us to recommend one another the truth and patience (“wa tawaashau bil haqqi wa tawaashau bish shabr”). True friendship happens when everyone involved in conversations is encouraged and strengthened in their faith (iman) and good deeds (amal shaleh).

I am always interested in reading these wise words: “Small mind talks about people; ordinary mind talks about events and big mind talks about wisdoms and ideas”. Let’s share goodness in our daily conversation in both our real and virtual worlds. This is because our conversations have an impact on the lives of everyone we reach.