Some people pride themselves in being procrastination. Maybe they enjoy the rush of adrenaline when deadlines loom and the sense of accomplishment when a project is completed at the last minute. Sometimes laziness lies at the root of procrastination.

What if Rasulullah had been a procrastinator? Of course, the earth-rocking dakwah, example of sound moral teaching and the formation of Islamic and civilized society could have been taken a backseat to the distractions of the day. Also, the spreading of Islamic values to the world cannot be manifested. Instead of avoiding unpleasant parts in the dakwah, the Prophet Muhammad took the initiative to live each day to the fullest by completing plan Allah had for him. In addition to his enthusiasm in making ‘ikhtiar’, the prophet always prayed to deny the laziness: “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from helplessness, laziness…..” (HR. Hakim).

Actually, Allah also expects our best. This is because we have been created in the best form (ahsani taqwim) and provided with the best potentials: body, mind (intelligence) and spirit. “We have created the human in the best form…” (QS. at Tin: 4).

Today, focus on the tasks at hand whether it’s in our ibadah Mahdah to Allah, career, at home, at Mesjid, at school and in the working place. Be enthusiastic in performing our shalat, educating children, taking care of our family, doing jobs, leading and contributing to others.

The word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from the Greek word “enthousiasmos” from “enthous”, meaning “inspired by God”. What else could make us enthusiastic except the inspiration from our Creator? With enthusiasm, Insya Allah we can fulfill Allah’s expectation to be our very best.